Custom Phrase or Name: Please input the number, name, or phrase that you wish to be embroidered onto the garments.


Thread Color and/or Tutu Colors: Please input the colors combinations you wish to be used on the garments. 

Custom made for your little one who knows love is love! Give the special gift of an adorable outfit in your choice of color themes.

The outfit comes complete with a bodysuit or shirt, tutu skirt, 2 removable grosgrain shoulder or pigtail bows, and 1 removable satin tutu or ponytail bow .

* I apply a soft mesh on the inside of each shirt for comfort.

* Tutu's are not machine washable. If you need to clean your tutu, simply wipe down the soiled area with a damp cloth. Never iron or put your tutu in the dryer

* All names or text that you see can be customized to fit your needs. Each item comes with a phrase and 1 name.

* The t-shirt or bodysuit is not connected to the tutu so your child can feel free to wear either item together or with something else.

*Colored fabrics used in the design may vary slightly based on availability and requested colors at the time of order but will remain true to the theme of the design*

Love is Love Eqaulity Heart